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==Special attributes==
;<code>gn:disableSwipe</code>: If widget is using attribute <code>gn:act_toLayoutSwipe</code> then if <code>gn:disableSwipe="left|right"</code> attribute exists on widget, a widget swipe will behave differently:
::a. if attribute has an invalid value, a pop up a message will appear for the designer '''"Invalid swipe restriction command"'''
::b. if it has <code>"left"</code> value, swipes with the finger from right to left or vice versa will be ignored
::c. if it has <code>"right"</code> value, swipes with the finger from left to right or vice versa will be ignored
::d. if attribute is omitted, swipes in either direction will work with no restrictions

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Can be used on widgets
any widget
Additional required attributes on bound widget
Event trigger for action
long-click on a widget (gn:act_toLayoutLongClick)
Can be used as

gn:act_toLayoutLongClick changes displayed root layout to desired target.

Action signature


Value field content

  • target – can be:
    • @+id/targetLayoutId – id of target root layout
    • aliasOfLayout – Alias of root layout to open
    • GnDropDown which has “local” datasource from @array/someArray with @array/someArray_value, someArray_value should contain id’s of root layouts for screens without @+id/prefix (this can be used on i.e. gn:act_setItemSelect of dropdown when value is changed to go to different screen or in other scenarios)
  • @+id/targetLayoutId – id of target root layout to open
  • aliasOfLayout – Alias of root layout to open

XML usage preview

The example below uses gn:act_toLayoutLongClick=”target” to display another root layout that is contained in folder “layout” on the device. When the user long-clicks on this button another layout with id “@+id/navigation0” is opened.

<source lang="xml"> <Button

   android:text="Click to go to layout navigation0"
   ek:act_toLayoutLongClick="@+id/navigation0" />


The target XML layout that is opened by widget is shown below: <source lang="xml"> <FrameLayout xmnls:android=""

   android:background=""#ffb400" >
       android:text="I am layout @+id/navigation0"
       android:textColor="#000000" />

</FrameLayout> </source>