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Can be used on widgets
any widget
Additional required attributes on bound widget
Event trigger for action
click on a widget (gn:act_toLayoutClick)
Can be used as

gn:act_toLayoutClick changes displayed root layout to desired target.

Action signature


Value field content

  • target – can be:
    • @+id/targetLayoutId – id of target root layout
    • aliasOfLayout – Alias of root layout to open.
    • GnDropDown which has “local” datasource from @array/someArray with @array/someArray_value, someArray_value should contain id’s of root layouts for screens without @+id/prefix (this can be used on i.e. gn:act_setItemSelect of dropdown when value is changed to go to different screen or in other scenarios)
  • @+id/targetLayoutId – id of target root layout to open
  • aliasOfLayout – Alias of root layout to open.

XML usage preview

The example below uses gn:act_toLayoutClick=”target” to display another root layout that is contained in folder “layout” on the device. When the user clicks on this button another layout with id “@+id/navigation0” is opened.

<source lang="xml"> <Button

   android:text="Click to go to layout navigation0"
   ek:act_toLayoutClick="@+id/navigation0" />


The target XML layout that is opened by widget is shown below: <source lang="xml"> <FrameLayout xmnls:android=""

   android:background=""#ffb400" >
       android:text="I am layout @+id/navigation0"
       android:textColor="#000000" />

</FrameLayout> </source>

Special attributes

If widget is using attribute gn:act_toLayoutSwipe then if gn:disableSwipe="left|right" attribute exists on widget, a widget swipe will behave differently:
a. if attribute has an invalid value, a pop up a message will appear for the designer "Invalid swipe restriction command"
b. if it has "left" value, swipes with the finger from right to left or vice versa will be ignored
c. if it has "right" value, swipes with the finger from left to right or vice versa will be ignored
d. if attribute is omitted, swipes in either direction will work with no restrictions