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Action is used to update data from sources to database record.
Action returns

Action signatures

Update database row

Parameter Description
table table name where the data will be stored
  • Valid sources:
    • hardcoded value - to be able to query the table from the external app use @externalTable/appId_tableId syntax
rowId id of row where the data will be stored
column{n} table column name where the data will be stored
source{n} source from where the data will be used


residents - table name
@variable/documentUpdateId - row id
resident_employee_firstName,resident_employee_lastName,resident_check_inTime - column names
@+id/employee_firstName,@+id/employee_lastName,@variable/checkinTime - source
[gn:act_rawUpdateValues]|[residents,@variable/documentUpdateId;resident_employee_firstName, resident_employee_lastName, resident_check_inTime;@+id/employee_firstName, @+id/employee_lastName,@variable/checkinTime]