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added in Milestone 102


Loads route information from rows and opens google maps with driving instructions based on the route
Action returns

Action signature

Parameter Description
sourceOfCurrentGpsLocationId source source which contains current gps location
sourceOfCheckPointsId target source from which route points are collected
checkPointsGPSColumnNameId source source which contains id of column which contains gps coordinates in <cdoe>sourceOfCheckPointsId source
isCircularRouteSourceId source source which contains id of column which contains information if route is circular or not. If route is circular the starting point of route will be added as destination of route.


<variable id="checkPointColumnGpsId" type="text">stopPoint_GPS</variable>
<variable id="isCircularTourColumnId" type="text">isCircular</variable>
<variable id="gpsPosition" type="GPS"/>
<variable id="isCirucularRoute" type="status">false</variable>
on action execution

action will collect all rows from stopPointsRows go trough them and collect data from column checkPointColumnGpsId. It will set gpsPosition as start point of route and it will not add it as start because route is not circular isCirucularRoute

after action execution

google maps application will open with route open where gpsPosition is location from where you start, first waypoint (or last if route has only one waypoint) on route where you go next will be first item from source stopPointsRows