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Action used to copy content from source widget to destination widget.
Action returns

Action signatures

Copy data

Parameter Description
source1 source from where the value will be converted
source2 source to which datatype the value will be converted
target target where the converted value will be stored


@+id/sourceWidgetId1 - source1
@+id/sourceWidgetId2 - source2
@+id/targetWidgetId - target

Supported source1 to source2 widget combinations

Source Target
GnMediaAction GnMediaGallery
GnCaptureSignature GnMediaGallery
pointer variable text variable
rows variable rows variable
GnListView rows variable
rows variable GnListView
GnEditText GnEditText
GnDropDown GnEditText
GnPhoneNumber GnPhoneAction
GnPhoneNumber GnPhoneNumber
GnEmail GnEmail
GnEditText GnEmail
GnDatePicker GnEditText
GnDateTimePicker GnEditText
GnMediaAction GnMediaAction
GnMediaAction GnImageView
GnIBeacon GnDropDown
GnIBeacon GnMediaGallery
GnAutoCompleteTextView GnEditText
GnIBeacon GnAutoCompleteTextView