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This wiki page liste all important new features of each update

Update 03.02.2016

  • Besides data import/export from/to CSV files now also data import/export from/to Excel .xlsx files is available
  • Table and column names are now automatically adapted to the language selected by the user in case such translations have been specified in the related ginstr app
  • New generic portlet content: 'edit record details':
    this feature is very helpful for editing records of tables with many columns: all columns are presented BELOW each other similar to a paper form; editing of the data works exactly the same way like editing the data in a horizontal line of the table grid.
  • Support of Arabic language
  • The sequence of the tabs of a table can be rearranged by dragging and dropping each tab
  • Help text has been added in three places in top right corner:
    1) in each portlet with a table: this help text explains all important table edit features
    2) in table report edit screen: this help text explains how to configure one or multiple reports per table
    3) edit record details screen

The help window can be dragged around to any position on the screen

  • Improved status reports for reports waiting to be generated in the report generation waiting queue
  • Advanced supervisor functionality related to removing tables and applications has been added

  • Bug fixes