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==Update 12.08.2016==
==Update 12.08.2016 ginstr web only)==
Following new features are newly implemented in this ginstr web release:
Following new features are newly implemented in this ginstr web release:

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ginstr web updates

This wiki page lists all important new features of each update

Update 12.08.2016 ginstr web only)

Following new features are newly implemented in this ginstr web release:

  • Updated list of time zones in ginstr web settings
  • Possibility to disable support chat:
    in case you do not want to to chat with ginstr team thru the ginstr web chat you can disable the popup window on ginstr web;
    the web chat is a very convenient, fast and free way to get in contact with one of the ginstr consultants in case you have a question
  • Natural table names are displayed in SSO; this makes it more convenient for you to identify each table.
  • 'Today' filter is not pre-set anymore for filters of 'date' and 'date&time' datatype but can be set by the user like any other filter;
  • French language is enabled in SSO and ginstr web as well as on
  • New datatype 'date&time difference' has been implemented that represents the time difference between two columns of 'date&time' datatype from same table;
    In case the user changes one of the two columns then the 'date&time difference' value will be re-calculated instantly.
    The time difference is shown in decimal hours (1 hour = 100 units)
  • New improved export/import dialog
  • More flexible pointers to 'Customers' table in all PLUS apps: customers can now be assigned to level-1, level-2 and level-3 entities.
    Example for the cleaning app:
    so far customers have been assigned to properties. This makes no sense in case the cleaning company has contracts with different companies renting office space in the same property. Now it is possible to assign customers not only to properties but also to cleaning zones or even to single rooms.
  • Optimisation of the amount of messages that appear in table 'system: data import errors'
  • Extended implementation of permissions: there is a new feature now that allows the main user to configure for sub accounts if they can log in to ginstr web or only to some ginstr apps
  • For better remote support a set of features has been implemented that allows ginstr experts to send commands from ginstr web to a phone running a ginstr app to execute some command, e.g. produce and download a log file, force ginstr launcher update, force database rebuild etc.
  • Enhanced replication mechanism avoids unnecessary replication of data from the ginstr cloud to the phones. This reduces SIM card airtime costs as well as the time required to sync the database after logging in.

Update 08.07.2016

This was a ginstr launcher update only. The following features have been implemented:

  • iBeacon support: ginstr apps can read iBeacons now and can execute actions based on that.
    if a smartphone of a bus driver recognises the iBeacon mounted to a bus stop then the name of the bus stop can be pulled from the database based on the unique iBeacon ID and can be shown or further used in the ginstr app.
  • The ginstr servers can now force smartphones to drop old data on a phone and to renew it by replicating it from scratch to the phone.
    This allows to recover e.g. from a corrupt database on a phone automatically.
  • Various speed enhancements for the ginstr launcher:
    - asynchronous loading of layouts
    - database pre-initialization
    - direct access and execution of widget xml methods/attributes
    - optimised login process
    - modified initial replication mechanism to include start indexing execution
    - initial indexing for all database views
  • Images are now compressed to a size of near to 100kB to reduce the amount of data that must be transmitted;
    in case you would like to store bigger pictures then please contact your ginstr representative.
  • Shortcuts on the home screen are now generated depending on the selected language
  • Various enhancements for optimised automated testing
  • Bug fixes

Update 27.05.2016

  • For most apps backend table headlines are now translated into English, French, German, Spanish;
    for the other apps this can be done pretty fast if required.
  • All apps have at least English and German translation, most have now Arabic, English, French, German and Spanish translations
  • It is possible now to define in each ginstr app if some column of a table should be visible in the backend or if it should be hidden
  • It is possible now to configure "replication definitions" in each app for
    • pictures
    • audio
    • video
    • documents
    • signatures

This reduces the amount of data replicated between the servers and the mobile devices significantly in case such data is not required on each mobile device.

  • It is possible now to configure in each ginstr app if clicking on some records in a table with pointers should filter dependent tables automatically; by default this feature is enabled
  • It is possible to define default order of columns for app tables
  • The following new ginstr apps have been published on Google Play:
    • Caretaker Report (de/en)
    • Electric Meter Cabinet Reading (de/en)
    • Fire Extinguisher Inspection (de/en/es)
    • IT Asset Manager (de/en)
    • Office Cleaning Report (de/en)
    • Pest Control Inspection Report (ae,de,en)
    • Shuttle Service Manager (de/en)
    • Smoke Detector Inspection (de/en/es/fr)
    • Toilet Cleaning Checklist (de/en)
    • Window Cleaning Report (de/en)
  • Various improvements have been implemented for the following ginstr PLUS apps:
    • Avantclean / emma
    • Caregiver Manager Plus
    • Facility Manager Plus
    • Guard Tour Manager Plus
    • Parking Lot Manager Plus
    • Traffic Safety Manager Plus

Some of these apps will only be published in June 2016

  • Big data handling:
    Modern browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox still have limitations regarding the amount of data they can handle at the same time. In case too much data is loaded into a browser their execution gets very slow or they even stop at all.
    In order to avoid such situation a time period filter has been implemented which is activated automatically in case a ginstr table contains more than 10,000 records. In this case not all records are loaded but max. 10,000 records based on a time period selected by the user. Basis for record selection is the record creation date and time.
    For setting this time period a new icon appears in the top right corner of a portlet in case the portlet contains a table with more than 10,000 records.
    Totals and sub-totals in reports in this case are calculated for the selected time period.
    There are different options now to select the data to be exported:
    - Export all records independent of any selected time period in the time period filter settings
    - Export all visible data
  • Improvement of data export to Excel file format:
    - Excel 'number' and Excel 'date' formats are supported now
    - Assignments to columns shows the number of the row to which the record refers instead of the cell content
    - User locale has been added to exported file name
  • Filters that are applied on tables stay applied after reloading ginstr web
  • An error message is displayed in case the user tries to delete a record that is pointed by another record
  • It is possible now to remove a previously uploaded customer logo from ginstr web
  • Bug fixes

Update 10.02.2016

  • Besides data import/export from/to CSV files now also data import/export from/to Excel .xlsx files is available
  • Table and column names are now automatically adapted to the language selected by the user in case such translations have been specified in the related ginstr app
  • New generic portlet content: 'edit record details':
    this feature is very helpful for editing records of tables with many columns: all columns are presented BELOW each other similar to a paper form; editing of the data works exactly the same way like editing the data in a horizontal line of the table grid.
  • Support of Arabic language
  • Support of Spanish language
  • The sequence of the tabs of a table can be rearranged by dragging and dropping each tab
  • Help text has been added in three places in top right corner:
    1) in each portlet with a table: this help text explains all important table edit features
    2) in table report edit screen: this help text explains how to configure one or multiple reports per table
    3) edit record details screen
    The help window can be dragged around to any position on the screen
  • Improved status reports for reports waiting to be generated in the report generation waiting queue
  • Advanced supervisor functionality related to removing tables and applications
  • Bug fixes