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|User Manual<br>[[File:ginstr_logo_main.png|84px|link=]]<span STYLE="font-size: xx-large">&nbsp;web</span>
'''ginstr web''' is an online data management software that allows you to access your data saved in '''[[ginstr cloud]]'''. All of the data collected using ginstr apps can be viewed and modified in real time from any web browser.
:*[[#Logging_into_the_office_software|Access from any web browser]]
:*Use it for data entry
:*Manage [[#Creating_subaccounts|subaccounts]] for each office employee or field employee
:*View GPS coordinates on a [[#Map|map]]
:*Create virtual borders called geofences to receive alerts via e-mail whenever an employee or tracked device enters or leaves a specific geographic area
:*Customised data display with multiple [[#Workspaces|workspaces]] for limitless customisation using different [[#Portlets|portlets]]
:*Easy management of all data collected from all ginstr apps
:*[[#Searching_in_tables|Search]], [[#Sorting_tables|sort]], and [[#Filtering_tables|filter]] entries for easier data management
:*Easily [[#Import_data|import]] and [[#Export_data|export]] all of your data for seamless integration into your existing system
'''ginstr web''' is used to configure the 'backend' database and user settings, and subsequently generate reports based on the data recorded by users of the ginstr app.

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