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The table below contains a brief description of all custom ginstr widgets that contain features not provided out of the box by Android. Full details on each widget can be found by clicking on the widget name.

Widget Brief Description
TextView Primarily used to display text but can also be used to contain links
Button Standard Android Button that can be used with special ginstr abilities
GnEditText Multi-source editText used to enter text data or acquire it from other sources.
GnImageView Android ImageView with some additional features
GnPhoneAction Provides phone functionality (initiate phone call, text message/SMS, email, open webpage or download file)
GnMediaAction Provides media functionality (recording of audio, video or photo)
GnMediaGallery Displays media items as images in table view
GnTextView Android TextView with some additional functionality
GnCaptureSignature Captures a signature and save to device
GnCaptureSignatureEmbedded Captures a signature to be drawn on to screen with other widgets
GnDatePicker Provides date entry
GnTimePicker Provides time entry
GnDateTimePicker Provides date and time entry
GnDropDown Provides entry of dropdown values
GnDropDownSelection Extends GnDropDown widget with possibility to select multiple values from dropdown list
GnLogin Provides interface for a user login
GnLogSender Provides option to send log on any screen
GnPreferencesButton Provides a button that when clicked launches preferences activity of ginstr launcher
GnListView Displays data in a table appearance
GnCheckBox Provides a checkbox that can be either checked or unchecked
GnChronometer Displays time elapsed
GnPhoneNumber Provides support to enter phone number data into phone number datatype
GnRadioGroup Container for GnRadioButton widgets
GnRadioButton Displays a single choice list
GnButton Can be pressed or clicked by the user to perform an action
GnEmail Supports storage and retrieval of email data to/from email database
GnNfcEmulator Simulates NFC scans
GnQrEmulator Simulates QR scans