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ginstr launcher Settings

The ginstr launcher settings menu can be accessed using the gear shaped button in the top right corner of the ginstr launcher app.
This button is also included in all apps available through ginstr launcher, in the top right corner of the login screen.
Most apps also contain a settings button in a menu or on form screens.

The user can exit the settings menu at any time by pressing the device's back button until they reach the ginstr app screen.

select language

The user can choose to use ginstr apps in a number of different languages through the settings menu.
If the language is changed, all ginstr apps on the device will run in the language selected.
Changing the language settings will restart any app currently in use once the user exits the settings menu.

data via Wi-Fi only

The "data via Wi-Fi only" checkbox allows the user to prevent ginstr apps from replicating cloud data using a mobile internet connection.
When this box is checked, apps will still maintain their own database records, but will not replicate them to the ginstr cloud until a Wi-Fi connection is established.

ginstr ID credentials

The user can select this option to enter the credentials used to access their ginstr web account.
This will open a new window, which allows an email address and password to be entered.
If the user has a specific NFC tag or card for login, this can also be scanned and saved as part of their login credentials.

Credentials can be removed from this window and will not be saved if the "remove" button is selected.

Automatic login will be disabled if no user credentials are saved.

auto login

Automatic login is possible only when ginstr ID credentials have been recorded in ginstr launcher settings.
This checkbox can only be used after the previous option has been selected, and a valid email address and password has been entered.
Activating auto login will mean that all ginstr apps, as well as ginstr launcher, will log in without the need to enter the user's credentials.

reply to email address

Replies to any email sent from ginstr apps with this account will be sent to this email address.
Selecting this menu option will cause a window to appear on the screen, in which the user can edit the reply email address.
By default, the reply email address will be the email address used to download ginstr launcher until this is changed by the user.

activate a promotional code
kiosk mode
ginstr web serial number

If selected, this opens a new window containing details of the current ginstr app and launcher versions.
Relevant copyright information and ginstr's contact details can also be found in this window.