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Using an NFC Reader with the ginstr App Backend

An NFC card reader can be used with this app on the ginstr backend.

Setting up the NFC Reader

The NFC reader can be plugged into the user's PC and will initially take a few minutes to set up. The GoToTags Windows App needs to be installed for the reader to work with the ginstr web backend. The NFC reader will read the ID of any NFC device that is placed on top of it.

NFC devices

NFC tags, cards, keyrings and other devices can be used to create records with the ginstr backend. Each NFC device has a unique ID, which will be shown in the records as a sequence of numbers and letters.This ID will correspond with the information entered by the user, making the NFC tag an ideal form of ID for {{{NFC_item}}}s.

Creating {{{NFC_item}}} Records

{{{NFC_item}}} records can be created using the "add record" button near the top of the portlet on the ginstr web app and then scanning the {{{NFC_item}}}'s NFC tag or card. The unique ID of the NFC card or tag scanned will appear in the {{{NFC_item_ID}}} field, but other data about the {{{NFC_item}}} will have to be entered in the table manually.