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SSO Supervisor / Admin Specific Content


In SSO server the following roles are defined, with ascending order for access level:

  • USER

"Standard" users (i.e. registered via signup form) have role USER, which allows them to perform actions on themselves and their subaccounts only. ADMINISTRATOR, MASTER and SUPERVISOR are special users with increased permissions.



S can delete all, M can delete A and U users, A can delete U users, U cannot delete
S can see all, M can see A and U users, A can see U users, U can see himself and subusers
S can see all, M can see A and U users, A can see U users, U can see himself and subusers
S can modify all, M can modify A and U users, A can modify U users, U can modify himself and subusers
S can add all, M can add A and U users, A can add U users, U cannot add
S can see all, M can see A and U users, A can see U users, U cannot see
S can update all, M, A, U cannot update
S can see all, A can see all, M, U cannot see

This roles should be distinct from roles defined in SSO Common Content section of wiki which relate to user created roles for permissions on ginstr apps tables while SSO roles relate to permissions for SSO users.

When user with SUPERVISOR permission log in to SSO additional options appear in menu in top right corner:

  • edit users
  • configure lobby
  • configure applications

When users with ADMINISTRATOR or MASTER role log in to SSO they get only additional "edit users" option in menu in top right corner

additional options in SUPERVISOR menu

edit users

In this section are listed all SSO users with options to create new users, edit users, delete users and enable/disable ginstr for certain user.

This list of users is divided in multiple columns containing different info related to users. Table can be sorted by each of this columns.
Columns which need additional explanation are DB num, main account, account status and max subs.

DB num - in this column is displayed id of user which is generated by SSO server automatically. This is unique identifier for each user.
main account - this column have value only if user is subaccount user. In this column is displayed main account of subaccount user
account status - existing account statuses are ACTIVE, SUSPENDED (if for example user tried log in with incorrect password for several times), DELETED (if account is no longer in use it can be set to have DELETED status and will be completely removed after several days), UNCONFIRMED (this is status which have every new user until activate account by click on activation link in e-mail send after registration)
max subs - in this column is displayed maximal number of subaccounts which user can create. This number is defined by SUPERVISOR/ADMIN/MASTER when creating new user or editing existing user on edit user page or it is defined by ginstr subscription bought in ginstr shop on ginstr web site.

On far right side of page there are several links which when clicked open new pages or make some status changes on user accounts. This links are:

  • edit
  • remove
  • EULA decisions
  • enable ginstr/disable ginstr
  • reset ginstr


On this page there are different sections and will describe each section separately. This page is same as page for creating new user which is opened when click on "new user" button on list of users page.
On top left side there are fields with general info related to user account. Same data exists on sign up page on SSO log in page when user registers new account.