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Plugins handle certain complex functionalities which cannot be handled in any other way (for example executing some calculations based on data in two separate tables, or sending e-mails based on data which requires certain information from different tables of an app etc..)

The plugins section of the SSO 'My account page' displays a list of all plugins installed for the currently logged in SSO account. This section also affords access to settings pertaining to each installed plugin and a checkbox which can be used to enable/disable each plugin as required.

The table below contains a brief description of all currently-available plugins.

Plugin Brief Description Applications
Working Times Generator Generates data in tables TMTargetServices, TMTargetServicesPerRoom, TMServicesRendered and TMServicesPerformed based on master data entered in master data tables of Plus© apps All Plus© apps
Incidents Processor Combines data sent from device to existing data in table TMServicesRendered and also moves data sent from device related to incidents from table TMClientIncidentsReported to table TMIncidentsReported

Also sends e-mail alert to manager when record is created in table TMOverdueEmployeeCheckIn and related to employees that are late for work in some tour / zone

All Plus© apps
Time per Zone Refresher Updates records in table TMTourTimeReport with real time spent in each tour / zone for each working day All Plus© apps
Services Modification Processor Updates data in table TMServicesRendered in case some data is changed via UI All Plus© apps
SOS Processor Sends e-mail alert to manager when record with SOS alert is sent from device to table TMClientSOS. All Plus© apps
Missing Employee Checker Sends e-mail alert to manager in case some employee fails to show up to work as expected. Fair Parken Parking Manager
Optitime to BRZ converter Creates CSV file in format used by app called BRZ based on CSV file from Optitime app and ginstr tables Wähler/Kuhlmann Builder's Yard Asset Management
Generic Scheduler Sends e-mail alerts based on frequency defined in table of app where this plugin will be integrated. None to date
Dashboard Issue Scheduler Generates content in tables dashboard and dashboard issues based on content in table issues.

Plugin is scheduled and once it runs it populates tables dashboard and dashboard issues with info on :-

  • total number of issues
  • number of resolved issues
  • number of unresolved issues
  • time required to resolve issue
  • number of issues in certain category (this info is generated in table dashboard issues)
TDS Escalation
Time Spent per Status Calculates time spent for each status option set.

In case of Oxford Plastics the plugin calculates the time spent in a status for a specific product.

Oxford Plastics