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{{User_Manual_Security_Tracking |appIcon=File:app_icon_packagingHorizonsSecurityBag_GP.png |QR=File:qrcode packagingHorizonsSecurityBag.png |loginScreen=File:ginstr app PHCSecurityBag EN 1.jpg |menuScreen=File:ginstr app PHCSecurityBag EN 2.jpg |newItem= File:ginstr app PHCSecurityBag EN 5.jpg |checkItem=File:ginstr app PHCSecurityBag EN 6.jpg |closeItem=File:ginstr app PHCSecurityBag EN 7.jpg |locationInfo=File:ginstr_app_PHCSecurityBag_EN_3.jpg |backendScreen= |appStorePic= |appName=PHC Security Bag |instructionList=

  • Make sure you have the appropriate security bags with NFC tags and serial numbers, and NFC tags for different locations.
  • Activate your security bags on ginstr web so that they can be used with this app.
  • Make sure you have scanned and recorded at least one NFC tag for a location. Instructions
  • Create a new bag record with one of the activated bags. Instructions
  • Select the scan in transit option and scan the bag again to create a new record[[#scan in transit| Instructions]
  • Create a close bag record. Instructions
  • |directLink= |item=bag |item2=security bag |checkItemTitle=scan in transit |closeItemTitle=close bag |appPurpose=record information about the contents of security bags for the safe transport, professional storage, and secure safekeeping of important objects that require tamper protection. |userType=staff }}