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Launcher error codes

This document describes ginstr launcher error codes.


defined by android:id attribute of the root screen element, NOT by fileName of file which contains widgets
defined by ginstr app developer or in case of app-composer auto generated

It is strictly forbidden to use one resource in two different places of an app. In this case 2 different resources must be implemented.

Attribute Description
1001 @string/$msgBoxInvalidUserName
1003 @string/$msgBoxDisabledUserException
1004 @string/$msgBoxLoginIoException
1005 @string/$msgBoxSerialImeiMissing
1006 @string/$msgBoxErrorReplicationPushDisabled
1007 @string/$msgBoxLoginPasswordExpired
1008 @string/$msgBoxAtLeastOneLogin
1009 @string/$msgBoxGinstrServersUnavailable
1010 @string/$msgBoxMissingRole
1011 @string/$msgBoxLoginNoResponseServer
1012 @string/$msgBoxLoginBadUser
1013 @string/$msgBoxLoginBadUserSso
1015 @string/$msgBoxNotActivatedUserException
1016 @string/$msgBoxAppNotEnabledForUser