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Inherited classes
Android class type
Child elements
EditText, Button
Widget XML tag

GnNfcEmulator is used to simulate NFC scans and consists of two text input fields and a button.

In the first text field, user should enter nfcId. In the second text field, user should enter NFC content. By pressing the button, a NFC-like event will be dispatched within the application.

Enabling emulation widgets

To enable loading of emulation widgets on development, integration and staging server, open ginstr launcher preferences screen and tick checkbox "emulation widgets" and then relaunch the application.

On production apk of ginstr launcher, loading of emulation widgets requires "common.xml" to be saved within "settings" folder, containing the following entry: <source lang="xml"><string name="emulatorWidgetsEnable">true</string></source>

Additionally, the following lines must be added to layout to show GnNfcEmulator: <source lang="xml"> <com.ginstr.widgets.GnNfcEmulator android:layout_width=”wrap_content” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” /></source>