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Widget XML tag
GnEmail provides support to enter email data into email datatype. It is used to store and retrieve data from the database. Once data is in the widget it’s possible to edit the data by clicking edit button.
On click, a new dialog window will open which has add, edit, remove and close buttons which can be used to manipulate emails.
The dialog has a built in validate screen action when add or edit is executed.
By default, widget definition can be found in $defaultApp/control/widget_en_email.xml. This layout describes how the widget will look on screen.
The dialog screen that loads on clicking edit can be found at $defaultApp/control/dialog_en_email.xml
Dialog screen listview row definition can be found at $defaultApp/control/dialog_en_email_row.xml
All of the aforementioned layouts can be used to modify the look and feel of the widget.

XML Attributes Description



  android:layout_height="wrap_content" />