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Events provide an option to execute multiple actions on an event.

Actions are executed in the order they are entered in the value of the set.

Example: gn:act_setClick=”action1, action2, … action N”

The table below contains a brief description of all possible events.

Full details on each event can be found by clicking on the Event Name

Event Brief Description
gn:act_set Can’t be triggered by any event, must be used in combination with gn:act_trigger action
gn:act_setClick Executed by clicking on a widget
gn:act_setLongClick Executed by long clicking on a widget
gn:act_setItemSelect Executed by selecting an item in a widget that has data in its list
gn:act_setBack When user presses the back button on the device, all actions within this set are executed.
gn:act_checkDoubleBack Checks if user presses the back button twice on the device in 3 seconds time interval
gn:act_setOnNfc Executed when NFC tag is scanned
gn:act_setCheck Executed when GnCheckBox is selected or deselected
gn:act_setOnGps Executed when GPS data is read from the device
gn:act_setOnQr Executed when a QR code is scanned
gn:act_setOnWiFi Executed every time WiFi fingerprint data is read from the device
gn:act_setOnGSM Executed every time GSM fingerprint data is read from the device
gn:act_setOnBT Executed every time Bluetooth fingerprint data is read from the device
gn:act_setOnScrollEnd Executed when the ScrollView is scrolled to bottom end
gn:act_setOnTypingEnd Executed when the user stops typing
gn:event_afterAlertingDialogClosed Executed every time SMS/email alerting dialog is closed
gn:act_setOnFocusLost Executed every time user clicks outside of GnEditText input field.
gn:act_backLoad Executed when user returns to this screen via hardware back button or using gn:act_goLayoutBack
gn:act toLayoutClick Actions that change displayed root layout to desired target