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Action that writes the configuration file to the IIoT device
Default value: false


To be able to use this action, the bleIIoT service must be started!
This action establishes connection to IIoT device which is persistent. Small number of connections to different devices should be established and it is desirable that gn:act_disconnectIIoTDevice is executed if connection is not needed anymore.
Action returns

Action signatures

Set config file

Parameter Description
source source from where the device MAC address will be get
source2 source from where the config file will be get
target target where the command status will be stored
callbackWidgetId id of the widget where the callback event will be executed
  • Valid callbackWidgetId:
    • hardcoded
callbackEvent name of the widget event that will be executed
  • Valid callbackEvent:
    • hardcoded


@variable/deviceMacClicked - source
@variable/configurationFiles_configurationFile - source2
@variable/setConfigResult - target
@+id/setIIoTConfigFile - callbackWidgetId
gn:act_set1 - callbackEvent