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Action used to perform calculation operations on different actors and stores result in target.
If calculations with trigonometric functions give the wrong results, please note that the trigonometric variables input is expressed in radians, not degrees
By default, the format of calculation result on GnEditText is set to 0.00.
If the result needs to be formatted differently, check attribute gn:s_decimalFormat on GnEditText
Action returns

Available operands

Operand Example
Addition 2 + 2
Subtraction 2 - 2
Multiplication 2 * 2
Division 2 / 2
Exponentation 2 ^ 2
Unary Minus,Plus (Sign Operators) +2 - (-2)
Modulo 2 % 2

Available functions

Function Description
abs absolute value
acos arc cosine
asin arc sine
atan arc tangent
cbrt cubic root
ceil nearest upper integer
cos cosine
cosh hyperbolic cosine
exp euler's number raised to the power (e^x)
floor nearest lower integer
log logarithmus naturalis (base e)
log10 logarithm (base 10)
log2 logarithm (base 2)
sin sine
sinh hyperbolic sine
sqrt square root
tan tangent
tanh hyperbolic tangent

Action signatures

Calculate result into target widget

Parameter Description
target target from where the while action is using value as expression parameter
calculationFormula represents formula to be calculated
WidgetId’s, String resources or ginstr app variables can be used to replace variable placeholders in the equation,
i.e. 3*sin(@+id/widgetId)-2(@+variable/varId-2).
All values in actors should be numeric or they will be ignored in calculation
Actors that can be used as calculation variables:
  • string resources


Calculate with operand
@variable/myResultVar - target where the calculation result will be stored
@+id/widgetOne*@variable/calcVarOne - calculation formula
Calculate with function
@variable/tour_scheduledTourStartMinutesNumber - target where the calculation result will be stored
floor((@variable/tour_scheduledTourStartDecimal%1)*60) - calculation formula with floor function