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ginstr logo main.png widget attributes

Attributes are specific properties of the widget.

Each widget contains some general attributes that are used by various widgets and specific attributes that are used on this specific widget.

Preset attributes represent attributes that are automatically configured for certain widget while User defined attributes need to be configured by user at the moment of adding the widget from toolbox to screen layout.

Attribute Widget Values Description
android:id all @+id/myId Unique identifier of widget
android:layout_width all wrap_content, match_parent, dp Specifies width of the widget
android:layout_height all wrap_content, match_parent, dp Specifies height of the widget

Values description

any textual value after @+id/ can be added, represents unique "address" or reference when this widget has to be targeted
widget will be just large enough to fit its internal content
widget will stretch to be as large as the container widget (parent)