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common.xml contains information about ginstr app.

XML Attributes

Obligatory attributes:

minimum version of ginstr launcher client this app works with
i.e. 30150901
User should be able to pick the minimum compatible launcher in app-composer and the value should be autoset here
build version of the ginstr app
Each app starts with 2.0 as initial value, each time a new ginstr app version is published it should increment by 0.1
about screen extra string information
i.e. "5 vor 12,<BR/>#19410503, © Stauke,<BR/>"
app-composer should have place to add this information

Optional attributes:

if set to true, auto-capitalization feature is applied to all GnEditText or GnAutoCompleteTextView widgets whereby the first character entered by the user in to the input box is automatically capitalized.

Example common.xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <string name="min_client_version"></string>
  <string name="app_version">2.0</string>
  <string name="inSettingsImageSource"></string>
  <string name="autoCapitalize">true</string>