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Visual XML files Editor

ginstr launcher XML layouts can be created in Android Eclipse Visual Editor. In order to use it ADT has to be installed. Here are instructions how to install the ADT bundle. It is bundled with Eclipse which has built in developer functions.

After ADT is installed, open Eclipse and follow these steps:

  1. Click File-> New-> Android application project
  2. Write application name -> Next -> (here remember path for project Location) Next-> Next -> Next -> Finish
  3. New project appeared in left window “Package explorer” - open its tree and expandfolder (node) “res”. This should look familiar as it’s the same structure that ginstr launcher has for its files.
  4. Open layout folder and double click on an XML file. In the centre of eclipse an XML file will open which will display XML. On the bottom is a button graph layout. Click it and a visual representation of XML on previous tab will be displayed.

After these steps are complete, the XML files can be edited. Once structures are created as required in visual editor, the files should be saved and copied from saved location to ginstr launcher folder on the device.