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{{{name}}} signature*
The {{{name}}} signature is mandatory for the submission of the form.
This button opens a new screen containing a signature widget, where the {{{name}}} signature can be drawn on the screen and saved.
{{{name}}} signature screen
The {{{name}}} signature screen consists of a large white drawing space and the following three buttons:
allows a user to cancel signature collection and return to the previous screen. A new signature will not be saved if this button is used.
erases all markings drawn in the drawing space, but allows the user to remain on the signature screen.
saves the current signature and returns the user to the previous screen. This button can only be pressed if a signature has been drawn on the screen.
A preview of the signature is displayed on this screen in a new widget, directly underneath the {{{name}}} signature button.
This preview can be selected to reveal the signature itself, in full-screen mode. The signature cannot be edited here. To create a new {{{name}}} signature, this screen must be exited with the device back button.
If the {{{name}}} signature button is selected again, a new {{{name}}} signature can be made from scratch.