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[[File:{{{appName}}}_App_Icon.png|120px|link=]]    App User Manual


{{{appName}}}© aims to improve the effectiveness, reliability and quality of commercial {{{industry}}} work.

Key measures in this regard include:

  • Issuing clear, comprehensible instructions to {{{customerType}}}s on the services to be provided
  • Promptly checking that the services due have been provided
  • Recognising and eradicating loss-makers

{{{appName}}}© consists of the following components:

  • a web-based office software, based on ginstr web
  • a [[#ginstr_app_{{{appName}}}|ginstr app]] developed especially for {{{customerType}}}s for use on Android smartphones

Demo data

In case you are currently evaluating the functionality of this application you will need some demo data to play with.

There are the following options in order to create such demo data:

  • follow the instructions here and enter the data manually.
One advantage of this approach is that you fully understand the demo data because it will reflect the details of your own business
  • download the [[media:{{{appName}}}|sample data]] zipIcon.png and use it in conjunction with the [[media:{{{appName}}}_testing_guide.pdf|app testing guide]] pdfIcon.gif providing QR codes for users and [[#{{{dataLevel3}}}s|{{{dataLevel3}}}s]]
Please note that the app supports QR codes as well as NFC tags for identifying users and {{{dataLevel3}}}s.
In case you prefer testing the solution with NFC tags, you can buy them from ginstr here or at many places on the web.
  • ask ginstr to setup your account with the related demo data; this service is free of charge

Data hierarchy


{{{dataLevel1}}}s are names of product groups or companies for which {{{industry}}} services are rendered.


Every {{{dataLevel1}}} has one or more {{{dataLevel3}}}s for which the predefined services are to be carried out.

Each {{{dataLevel3}}} has an NFC tag which can be scanned by the {{{industry}}} staff on a smartphone with the [[#{{{appName}}}_Android_app|{{{appName}}}© app]]. This then calls up the work instructions for each {{{dataLevel3}}} and serves to log services provided.


Tours’ allow you to group several {{{dataLevel3}}}s, even those from different {{{dataLevel1}}}s, in to convenient predefined routes.

A tour consists of several visits to different {{{dataLevel3}}}s in a predefined sequence.

Tours can be assigned to different employees and scheduled to begin at regular dates & times.


Each visit within a tour is assigned to a {{{dataLevel3}}} and has one or more associated services to be carried out by the {{{customerType}}}.

A single tour can include {{{dataLevel3}}}s from different {{{dataLevel1}}}s if desired. {{{dataLevel3}}}s can be visited several times in a single tour if required, and each {{{dataLevel3}}} can be allocated to several different tours if desired.


For every visit to each {{{dataLevel3}}}, we can allocate one or more services which should be carried out by the {{{customerType}}}.

Upon scanning the NFC tag of a {{{dataLevel3}}} on a smartphone with the [[#{{{appName}}}_Android_app|{{{appName}}}© app]], the {{{customerType}}} will be shown an icon for each service currently required for that {{{dataLevel3}}}.

ginstr app {{{appName}}}

The {{{appName}}}© Android app is the part of the software used by the mobile workers.

Key features include:

  • Entering the times when work starts and ends
  • Displaying the {{{industry}}} work to be completed every day for each {{{dataLevel3}}}
  • Marking {{{industry}}} work as complete (per {{{dataLevel3}}})
  • Reporting special incidents
  • Emergency call feature
  • Ongoing, bidirectional synchronisation of data between ginstr web and the phone/tablet, to keep employees in the office continuously informed of the current status of work and to be able to notify the mobile workers promptly of any changes made to their task list in a way that is electronically logged.

Further details about setting up and using the {{{appName}}}© Android app can be found [[#{{{appName}}}_Android_app|here]].