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Mobile app Setup

Gmail account

An individual Gmail account is required for each device.

It is essential to ensure that each device is assigned its own unique Gmail account.

The use of the same Gmail account on multiple devices is strongly discouraged. Because of Google's security policies, in the case of a Google software update the device will be blocked meaning that each device would have to be updated manually after every Google update.

App Installation via Google Play

Please search in the [{{{directLink}}} Google Play Store] on the smartphone/tablet for “ginstr” and install the desired app, {{{appName}}}.

Direct link: {{{directLink}}}

[[{{{QR}}}|120px|left]] You can also download this app from the [{{{directLink}}} Google Play Store] with the QR code shown;
Just scan it with the QR code reader on your Android device and follow the instructions.

App Installation through ginstr launcher

The ginstr launcher app can be used to download and launch ginstr apps such as this one.

The ginstr launcher app is available to download here

Once installed, the ginstr launcher app can be opened by pressing the following icon on the launch screen:

ginstr logo icon large.png

Information on how to download and launch the {{{appName}}} app from inside ginstr launcher can be found here.

The {{{appName}}} app

Once installed, the {{{appName}}} app can be opened by tapping the following app icon on the launch screen:

Note: if the icon shown above is missing from your device's launch screen, use the
create icons
on the launch screen
button on the ginstr launcher login screen to re-generate it.