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[[{{{loginScreen}}}|thumb|upright|border|The {{{appName}}} app Login Screen]]

Logging In

The first screen which appears after the {{{appName}}} app is opened is the login screen.

To use this ginstr app a ginstr subscription is required.

There are two ways to get such a subscription:
a) buy a subscription in the ginstr app store
b) sign a contract with ginstr (mainly used by organisations that have a greater number of users)

If the user already has login credentials for this app, they should enter them in the e-mail and password fields to login.

If they do not, there is a “sign up!” link located directly above the e-mail field. This will direct the user to a website giving instructions on how to sign up and get login credentials.

There is a checkbox labelled show password next to the login button.

When checked, it allows the user to see the password they enter in the password field as plain text.

The settings button settings grey.png in the top right corner of the login screen opens the ginstr launcher settings menu (see here for more information).

The user can exit the settings menu at any time by pressing the device's back button until they reach the ginstr app screen.

If valid login credentials are entered on the login screen, the app navigates to the first screen of the {{{appName}}} app.