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Welcome to the ginstr logo main.png wiki reference!

This ginstr wiki is a compendium of all available technical information.

User Manuals

ginstr app manuals

ginstr apps are ready-to-go Android apps for various B2B purposes.

Online English user manuals exist for most ginstr apps.

Click here to see a list of all ginstr app user manuals.

ginstr web manual

The ginstr web manual provides all information required to setup and use ginstr web UI.

SSO user manual

The SSO user manual provides all information required for handling your user account, including how to set up sub accounts, assign rights, assign ginstr apps and more.

Create your own apps!

Use the ginstr business app maker and drag & drop input fields into your own app, allowing you to create a ready-to-go app within minutes without any programming!

A tutorial exists for those who just want to quickly create a ginstr app for a particular use case.

Developer Manuals

ginstr developers manual

Use powerful ginstr widgets in your own XML code to quickly create apps with unlimited functionality, complexity and with an unlimited number of screens

The ginstr developers manual provides all required information.

Integrating ginstr launcher as HelpOverlay into client Android app

ginstr business app maker reference

For developers involved in improving the ginstr business app maker, the ginstr business app maker reference provides all required details.

SSO Supervisor / Admin / Master Features

This addendum to the SSO user manual contains all relevant information for Supervisors, Administrators, and Master users.

You will require this information in case you run your own ginstr web and SSO instance on your own servers.

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