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Widget XML tag
GnQrEmulator is used to simulate QR scans and consists of one text input field and a button.
In the text field, user should enter QR code in alphanumeric representation. By pressing the button, a QR-like event will be dispatched within the application.

XML Attributes Description

Attribute Description
gn:act_setClick If gn:act_service QR is used, in action set needs to be added starting point of qr scan callback logic.

Can be

  • i.e. [gn:act_trigger]|[@+id/startQRservice,gn:act_set1]"
gn:s_customLayoutXml Points to an XML file in “control” folder of ginstr app

Can be

  • hardcoded - i.e. = someXmlLayoutName.xml




  android:layout_height="wrap_content" />

Enabling emulation widgets

To enable loading of emulation widgets on development, integration and staging server, open ginstr launcher Preferences screen and tick checkbox "emulation widgets" and then relaunch the application.

On production apk of ginstr launcher, loading of emulation widgets requires "common.xml" to be saved within "settings" folder, containing the following entry:

<string name="emulatorWidgetsEnable">true</string>

Alternative layout

Alternative layout can be set into control folder. It must have valid XML structure.
Widget Name Description
EditText @+id/etQrId this text field represents QR code
Button @+id/btnQrDispatch this button is used to dispatch QR code