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ginstr Plus© apps are Android apps which not only record work done, material loaded etc., but also allow task scheduling with alerts in case scheduled tasks are not executed on time.

Tours allow you to group scheduled tasks in to convenient predefined routes, with each tour consisting of several visits in a predefined sequence. Each visit within a tour is assigned to an NFC tag at the specified work location. When the NFC tag is scanned by the employee, they are shown a screen with one or more services which are presently required at the current work location. When the required services have been carried out, the app informs the employee which work site to visit next. It is easy to define the expected preparation time or travel time between visits in a tour. There is no limit on the number of visits per tour or on the number of tours you can define, and each tour can be easily assigned to different employees and scheduled to begin at regular or irregular start times.

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